Healing Yoga:

The core intention of traditional Yoga is Union- bringing the mind, body and spirit into unison. Guided to this place of harmony we restore balance and perspective, we nurture our wellbeing and accelerate our healing.

Healing Yoga is an uplifting rejuvenation of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Healing Yoga focuses on the holistic person and incorporates breathwork, meditation, self-compassion practices with Yoga asana, Somatic Movement and wellbeing coaching for optimum effect.

Somatic Movement:

Somatic Movement is a means of resolving inefficient movement patterns and chronic pain that the body has developed through tension, stress, trauma or bad habit.

Somatic Movement lessons, 1:1 or in a group, are an active learning process as opposed to a passive treatment. It educates the sensory motor system to recover innate abilities for greater voluntary muscular control. It is physically and cognitively engaging and trains proprioceptive sensing. It helps release chronic neuromuscular contraction patterns and limited range of movement. Somatic education nourishes and improves the functioning of the whole person.

As we age certain muscle groups become less efficient through lack of use or bad habit. When we cannot control muscles as well as we used to this is known as neuromuscular amnesia. The only way to improve this is through active awareness and kinaesthetic perception of the muscles and a relearning of how to effectively coordinate their movements. This is our focus in a Somatic Movement Lesson.

Somatic Movement Lessons can be facilitated at home or by clinic visit.

1:1 sessions include hands-on feedback and supported movement.

Specific exercies will be reccommended for the client’s daily practice to improve ease and range of movement in the body.

In 1:1 Individual sessions, classes and workshops participants learn techniques to:

  • Improve health & body concept
  • Better manage pressure & stress
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety & depression
  • Amplify healing & recovery
  • Restore balance
  • Relieve Tension and Chronic pain
  • Enhance their sense of personal power and potential

Laura focus is to assist her clients to develop mindfulness, body awareness, improved mental clarity and personal understanding leading to greater self-confidence, authentic expression and self-empowerment.

Participants enjoy the fun, positivity, invigoration and deep relaxation of Laura’s facilitation.

To book a private 1:1 or group session or to join a class group please contact laura@healingyoga.ie