Sunday, July 12th, 10-11:30 am

Breathing into Life – Somatic Movement and Breath-Work 

To breathe well is to live well. Our breathing directly relates to anxiety. When we change our breath we change the biochemistry of the body.

When we improve the quality of our breathing we improve the energy flowing through our systems which improves our vitality, moves toxins, releases tension, and enables deeper rest and recovery.

What to expect-

You will better understand the process of breathing from an embodied perspective and how the breath affects our nervous system, our emotional wellbeing, and state of mind (mental health).

You will learn how to change your breath to change your experience. 

Sanskrit texts and Yoga philosophy says that we come into life with so many breaths. Why not learn how to make the most of them!

Sunday, July 26th, 10-11:30 am

Heartfulness – How to lead our actions, decisions 

How can your life be led by the heart? How does your heart resonate a clear direction or decision? In this workshop, you will learn life-enhancing techniques to distinguish the head from the heart in decision-making.  

Our rational, educated mind has learnt ways to be and perform in the world. It can be a challenge to access instinct, intuition and body wisdom when this has not been honed as a valuable resource and indicator of successful decision making.

What to expect-

You will better understand how the body communicates its opinions and guidance.

Understand the role of somatic listening in decision making with practical tools you can apply to any situation or decision.

Find reassurance and comfort in your choices knowing that mind and body are aligned. When the heart leads, the mind follows and supports the fulfilment of your heart choice. The key is knowing where to begin and how to set your compass for your true north.

While the mind is a great resource for problem-solving, creating and actioning. To have true coherence in mind and body we need the heart to assigns the course and direction before the mind manages the process.

Without the heart, there is no passion, drive, commitment, perseverance and energy to sustain the decision or direction of our path be it relating to career, life, goals or what to cook for dinner!

Discover how it feels to be led by your heart, distinguish the unique indicators of your body.

Connect to your heart to discover the innate support and clarity it offers in your daily life.

Workshops you can purchase to enjoy and re-visit at your own pace and time:

Self Compassion: Release Anxiety and Restore Inner Balance.

This is a restorative workshop that will create deep peace and grounding in your body and a deeper connection to your heart and sense of self.

What to expect-

You will learn techniques to deepen your experience of the felt-sense and how to release tension and restore health through nourishing body awareness practices, ideo-kinesis, and guided movement practices.

After this workshop, you will better understand how to read the sensations of your body. An essential skill for physical, mental, and emotional health and longevity.

Letting Go: Shoulder Tension and Stress Release

As someone who has personal experience of frozen shoulder, chronic neck tension, migraine and head injury, I bring practical awareness and sensitivity to this movement workshop.

What to expect-

Over the 1.5 hour online workshop you will learn about the patterns in your body that may be holding you back, limiting your movement potential and creating strain in your body.

You will experience somatic awareness in your body and understand the role of the felt-sense in resolving pain, tension and stress.

These practices change habit, improve posture and functioning of our body while restoring calm and clarity to the mind.

Participants will:

+ Experience deep peace, physical release and space in body and mind

+ Feel light, invigorated and deeply relaxed

+ Learn techniques to enhance self-care, compassion and personal wellbeing

+ Build resources for increased self-confidence and personal resilience


Laura’s skill including the needs of everyone was amazing and whatever we needed she provided. Everyone needs to do this, it is a coming back to Self. This was a profoundly positive experience.

  • Sandra, Physical Therapist

I feel energised and more connected deeply within myself, both physically and emotionally. It encouraged me to open up rather than shut down and survive. It helps manage my symptoms of MS too.

  • Anna, Nursing

I’ve really enjoyed having time in my diary that I look forward to where I can unplug and relax.

  • Dane, Technical Sourcing Recruiter

Laura has the most amazing calming and grounded energy, she seems to see past the physical and straight to the core of a person making them feel at ease. She is encouraging and full of knowledge. She creates a safe space to practice in, her sessions are fantastic.

  • Rowena, Event Management

As someone who’s been suffering with chronic migraine for the past 2 years, I found the workshop very helpful, relieving the tension built up in my neck and shoulders. Covid times also meant more hours sitting for me, so the somatic movement sessions have been both invigorating and relaxing. Thank you, Laura!

  •  Anna, Recruitment Manager

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Register to join-

Online Workshops are €25 per person, limited space booking in advance is essential.

Once you have paid and contacted me I will send you a private link to access the live online workshop.

If you cannot attend on the day, a recording can be sent to you.

The recordings will only contain the workshop teachings as delivered by Laura and will not include participant feedback or participation in the workshop.


Practical details:

There will be a short break midway through each online workshop.

Have a cup of tea or water nearby, warm clothes, a blanket, yoga mat and two cushions.


How to pay-


If you have a question please email laura@healingyoga.ie or text: 087-9633229

See feedback from previous participants-  www.healingyoga.ie/client-testimonial