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A lot is demanded of teachers in modern school life; aside from educating they are supporting children with a complexity of emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties that affect their concentration, development and social engagement.

This training offers teachers resources to support their wellbeing as active role-models for their students, offers practical and creative techniques to engage student interest and provides practices that improve the learning environment and morale within the classroom. This programme supports teachers in designing the wellbeing components of their curriculum.

Programme Details

Teachers will learn how to incorporate wellbeing activities into their curriculum to make learning interactive, fun and memorable.

The skill based learning of this course requires the learner’s physical readiness, personal interest and willingness to engage in all programme elements.

Course Content:

  • Movement for Wellbeing for improved spatial awareness, communication and empathy training
  • Dance practices for tension release, co-ordination and expression
  • Foundational Yoga Asana, Breathwork and Meditation for physical, mental and emotional health
  • Creative Techniques to Support Wellbeing: Mindfulness, Expression, Relaxation, Listening, Concentration, Engagement, Stress Management, Self Care and Compassion

Course Format:

  • Collaborative, individual and reflective tasks
  • Interactive learning through demonstration, group practice and partner work practice
  • Physically engaging with multiple focus points
  • Self- notated as well as hand-outs
  • Video recordings of tasks to assist learning and revision
  • Peer practice as final assessment

Course Learning Intentions:

  • Teacher confidence facilitating the physical and creative wellbeing practices
  • Integration of learning into Teacher’s existing skillset and subject curriculum
  • Understanding the physiology of stress and how to manage it through mindful movement and creativity
  • Personal practice and reflection to assist learning and positive role-modelling to students
  • Ability to assess assess, engage and support different student needs
  • Implementation of collaborative and individual wellbeing practices
  • Ability to introduce exercises to enhance: Mindfulness, Expression, Relaxation, Listening, Concentration, Engagement, Stress Management, Self Care and Compassion

Course Details:

Creative Wellbeing is available in two formats as a six-week training or one week CPD programme.

The six-week training programme consists of 3 hours per day. This training maybe considered as Continued Professional Development as part of a teachers Croke Park Hours.

If delivered over one week, the Continued Professional Development Programme takes place over 5 days, Monday- Friday, with 3 hour training each day.

Course Facilitator:

Laura Sarah Dowdall is a movement, yoga and wellbeing expert who has been interviewed for articles in the Health Supplement of the Irish Times, Positive Life Magazine, International Blogs on Inspiration and Wellbeing, on TV3 and Irish radio for her expertise working with adults and children.

She believes in an integrated approach to wellbeing through her expertise in dance, somatic movement, traditional yoga, wellness coaching, bio-energetic healing and transformational change processes.

She works one to one, in group and workshop settings with adults and children in schools, health organisations and residential centres for adults with additional needs.

Laura is the founder of Healing Yoga, Movement for Wellbeing and the Running Blind Accessible Dance Project. The latter project gives people of all background, abilities and ages access to the wellbeing and social benefits of dance. It particularly invites people who are blind, deafblind and deaf to dance and feel more integrated into their communities. This programme has been recognised by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland as an initiative impacting social change in Ireland.

For further details on the Creative Wellbeing Teacher Training please contact:



Phone: 087-9633229

“Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can be just the antidote to the go-go, technology-saturated lives in which children are immersed. Dowdall aims to empower them with techniques that they can use in decision-making and in recognising and coping with different emotions.”

Extract from article in The Irish Times, Family and Health Supplement, September 2017