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Laura Sarah Dowdall is an innovative somatic wellbeing expert, social entrepreneur and accomplished professional dancer with a background in international business and languages.

Having lived in Rome, Berlin, Boston and the UK, working across different industries- Laura has experienced all forms of transitional challenge and change in career, culture and language. Always an advocate for learning and personal development, a near-life threatening accident caused her to re-align her direction and apply her learning to empower a full and healthy recovery.

First-hand life experience and dedicated years of training in the science, philosophy, quantum mechanics and psychology of healing has distinguished her as an innovative whole-person wellness provider. Known for her authentic presence, uplifting energy and creative dynamic, her passion is to educate and empower people to better care for their wellbeing, believing self-care is the key to sustainable health and happiness.

Before concentrating her career in wellbeing and social entrepreneurship – Laura worked for Enterprise Ireland throughout the USA, tech start-ups in Ireland and Dentons International Law Firm in Germany. She attained a First Class Honours Degree in International Commerce and Italian from the Business School at University College Dublin, and completed postgraduate studies at Harvard Business School in International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and Cross-Cultural Psychology.

She has been interviewed and featured in articles for The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, Positive Life Magazine, International Health Publications, TV3 and Irish radio for her wellbeing expertise.

Laura is recognised as an impactful Social Entrepreneur for her National Dance Ability Programme– providing people who are blind and deafblind with access to the wellbeing benefits of dance. She developed the Creative Wellbeing Programme for Schools and Special Needs Centres- educating students, parents and teachers on the life-long benefits of self-care and wellbeing. Corporate investment enables these valuable programmes to reach and benefit more vulnerable children and adults in our community.

Laura incorporates the best of her training in Yoga, Clinical Somatic Education, Executive and Life Coaching, Family Constellation Work, Creative Arts and HolisticTherapies. Her awareness of all aspects of wellbeing enables her to create bespoke life-enhancing programmes for the benefit of clients and teams around the world.

Laura believes that continuous professional development, personal practice and active research is integral to offering the best service to her clients. Laura practices what she preaches and is very down-to-earth, personable, and motivational in her approach.

“Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Freeing, Beautiful, Full of Love. Laura is incredibly gifted and very inspiring. This was pure joy! It is for anyone wanting to feel free!”– Niamh, Corporate Team Workshop for International NGO

To connect with Laura- please email or add her on LinkedIn.

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I have tried many different treatments and classes, but none have made me feel so welcome and valued. Laura understands each client so well, the improvements I’ve made in my lifestyle since I started yoga/reiki with Laura has been amazing. She is good for your soul.


I believe in life that everything happens for a reason and coming upon Laura in a random internet search for help with back pain was true testament of this hypotheses…from my first phone-call with Laura and her intuitive ear, she had a plan to help that would go beyond the manifesting back trouble that I was having … Over the last few months I’ve practised with Laura in her beautifully spirited gentle yoga classes.  Her classes along with her Reki practise give truly self nurturing techniques and rituals that everyone should have the benefit of both knowing and practising.


I am in awe of your healing concepts!

So happy to have found your class and am so excited to learn so much from you each week about somatic movement and healing exercises woven into yogic practices for my personal healing path.

I have already gained so much from the classes to help me on my personal journey, thank you!


Laura is a unique teacher and therapist. She is whole-heartedly devoted to what she does and to all the individuals she is teaching or treating. Her yoga classes helped me to better understand my body, to realize what was going on inside me and notice things that needed more attention. Her classes helped me to relax and lift my energy levels. I also received reiki from Laura; it was such a powerful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. I am thankful that I got introduced to the world of yoga, reiki and meditation by this special person.