Teacher Wellbeing is a monthly educational program supporting the wellbeing of educators, school staff, and administrators.

It is an interactive, uplifting online program that resources participants with the skills and knowledge to sustain their optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing throughout the school year.

Schools are experiencing great change and uncertainty.

Principals, Staff, Teachers and Assistants are experiencing new anxieties, concerns and fears. These worries have a direct impact on their wellbeing, their ability to teach and directly impact the learning experience of their students.

When we are worried or anxious it creates stress in our body, this depletes the effectiveness of our immune system and creates burn-out.

Schools need their Teaching staff healthy and happy to sustain their workforce and effectiveness.

We cannot help others when we do not help ourselves, but first we need to know how.

Wellbeing is practical and easily applied to our everyday.

The only challenge is building the habit of self-care, so this program runs continuously throughout the school year to support teachers to build upon their wellbeing resources and develop a positive attitude and habit of self-care.

This monthly program provides an outlet for interaction with other teachers to express concerns and share their experiences as a community.

Teacher Wellbeing is available for both Primary and Post-Primary Teachers, Special Needs Assistants, School Staff, Administrators and Care Takers of the School.

The format is online. Teachers are not obliged to share or use their cameras- it is whatever feels most comfortable. You can remain anonymous.

Monthly Teacher Wellbeing Workshops take place online Live on the first Monday of every month at 4- 5:30pm IST. The first session is October 5th and will continue til May 2021. Full schedule of dates will be sent to participants.

Replays are available if participants cannot attend live or wish to repeat the workshop throughout the school year.

Participants have access to a library of meditation and movement tutorials to support them throughout the school year.

The content will change each month, with each workshop following a different theme, and will include these essential topics*:

  • Mindset Matters: You are what you think, how to develop a positive outlook and the benefits it creates
  • Soothing Anxiety: The power of Self Compassion and practical tools for daily care
  • The Immune System: How to nourish wellbeing from the inside out in creative and practical ways
  • Sleep Well: Relaxation techniques for deep restorative sleep & methods to refresh tired minds
  • How to Replenish Energy: Techniques to increase and soothe our energetic needs whatever the situation
  • Grounding & Clarity: How to care for your self in moments of high stress, trauma, panic and concern
  • Communication: Non-verbal communication and somatic techniques to support emotional health
  • Loneliness: Replacing contact and connection through communication and self-care practices
  • The Power of Creativity: Creative tasks to unlock tension and restore potential and perspective

Practice Methodology will vary each month and will include a blend of-

Somatic Movement, Visualisations, Meditations, Breath-work, Yoga Asana, Creative Movement, Reflection, Self Awareness tasks, Coaching techniques, Positive Psychology, Biology and Neuroscience

Read more about your facilitator- Laura Sarah Dowdall

To Register:

This program runs during the school year and consists of 8 workshops from October 2020 to May 2021.

The wellbeing workshops are the first Monday of each month from 4-5:30pm IST.

The focus of the program is sustaining and supporting teacher wellbeing.

The year long program of workshops is €250 per teacher.

Wellbeing Workshops for Croke Park Hours

The topics outlined above* are available as workshops for staff as part of the School’s Croke Park Hours.

Workshops can be custom designed to your school’s specific needs or interests.

Additional Workshop topics may include:

  • Healing Yoga for Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Somatic Movement for Stress and Tension Release
  • Self Care for Anxiety
  • Movement for Wellbeing – Practical tips to restore energy, concentration and calm (for students and teachers!)
  • Meditation for Soothing Mind and Body
  • The Art of Wellbeing – Creative practical ways to bring more lightness into your life
  • Well at Work- How to support your mindset at work
  • Plus Many more workshops customized to your school needs.

Teacher Wellbeing Workshops are available for both Primary and Post-Primary Teachers, PTAs, Parent Workshops.

Contact Laura to discuss the needs for your school- laura@healingyoga.ie or phone +353 (87) 9633229

What else is available to Teachers / Schools: