Spring Potential!

Spring Potential!

February marks the beginning of Spring with the Celtic holiday of Imbolc beginning from sundown today and the feast day of Saint Brigid! The incredible blue supermoon only adding to the magic of these days!

fairy dance

This is an ideal time to step into deep-self awareness, dance your truth and manifest the magic of your intentions!

It is the best time to plant seeds of new intention so they may grow and prosper in the days and months to come!

To keep you moving in the right direction- TRY THIS:

Take some time today to SHAKE out the body,

Follow your BREATH,

CENTRE yourself within, allow yourself to come down from your head and into your HEART,

Begin to FEEL what you really want from this year ahead,

VISUALISE yourself achieving what you wish, anything and everything is possible!

Get EXCITED by this image! See yourself achieving this goal,

OBSERVE how it makes you feel,

VISUALISE yourself having fulfilled this intention!

Allow yourself to MERGE with this You,

See from this NEW perspective,

ACT from this place of new awareness, self-belief, and potential!

SOAK IT UP- GET EXCITED- and FIRE your body with fresh motivation to go for what you really want this year!

Come dance with me this February!!

I am putting together a monthly Soul Dance practise and want to know what location, day of the week & time you want to join! Email me laura@healingyoga.ie

Also there is the Somatic workshop Feb 25th – focused on Spine and Shoulders!

And for any spontaneous sparks… the Vitality retreat is TOMORROW!!! If you want to come call me 0879633229 / www.healingyoga.ie/retreat!

Reach for the Stars!!