Day workshops include segments focused on-

  • Confidence,
  • Stress Management,
  • Healthy Body Image
  • Mental Health

Workshops engage all aspects of the student’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through interactive exercises, creative tasks, partner-work and personal reflection.

Students learn skills that will have a positive and lasting impact on the rest of their life.

Workshops include:

  • Movement: Yoga, Somatic Movement, Improvisation
  • Body Awareness: Posture & Tension Release
  • Skill practice: Expression, Communication, Relaxation, Listening, Concentration, Motivation, Stress Management, Self Care
  • Personal Understanding: Self- Awareness, Resilience and Self Compassion
  • Group work and Self Reflection exercises

“All change starts with an awareness of who I am and what I need.”

Learning Outcomes:

  • Energy Management
  • Emotional and Social intelligence
  • Self Awareness
  • Understanding of the indicators of stress
  • Personal Care and Active Wellbeing
  • Confidence in Decision-Making
  • Equipped to make career/college choices true to them
  • Skills to assist their transition into University Level Education
  • Better manage exam pressure
  • Self Motivation and Resilience
  • Daily Practice based on their Needs       

Workshops for Teaching staff:

These workshops consist of practices to care for the individual health of the staff and techniques that can be easily included into the classroom. Learning from the workshop will help foster a learning environment conducive of focus and concentration, consideration towards others, active listening and self-care amongst students.

The staff workshop will include Yoga accessible for all levels of experience/no experience, Somatic Movement, Breathing practices, Meditation to calm the mind and Techniques to increase energy and concentration.

The workshop is facilitated with explanation throughout of the benefits behind each practice and how to apply them to the classroom and to different student’s needs.

Evening Session for Parents:

To benefit the students further it is best to give parents an insight into what they learnt and share how best to apply it to family and home life.

The parents workshop consists of discussion with practical demonstration of how to encourage body-awareness and present moment attention in busy, device-heavy daily life; the importance of expression to release anxiety/ tension /emotion and the importance of authentic dialogue based on body-based techniques to encourage self-confidence and support decision-making.


Wellbeing days are based on facilitating workshops during school hours.

A day may consist of a few workshops for different year groups- customised to the needs of each year group or a full day of workshops for one year group focused on different aspects of wellbeing including – mental health, expression, creativity and communication modules during the day.

What else is available to Teachers / Schools:


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