Yoga & Self Care Resources 

These videos offer wellbeing practices to support our total wellbeing- our mental, emotional and physical health during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown across the world.

All classes are accessible to all, uplifting during challenging times and teach practical skills to support everyday life.

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Breathing Practice to Release Anxiety & Increase Calm


Morning Yoga for All!

Somatic Movement Workshop!

Somatic Movement is a means of resolving chronic pain that the body has developed through tension, stress, trauma or habit. It is an effective way to relieve the intensity of a migraine but better still, it prevents a build-up of stress by soothing the deepest levels of our nervous system.

It is an active learning process that requires awareness and attention. It educates the sensory-motor system to recover its abilities for greater muscular control. It is physically and cognitively engaging and trains proprioceptive sensing.

I sometimes think of it as sudoku for the body! It helps release chronic neuromuscular contraction patterns and extends our range of movement. Somatic education nourishes and improves the functioning of the whole person.

So for these reasons and more, I think this will be a wonderful practice to share with people who suffer from #migraines and #chronicpain. 

I have experienced the intensity of debilitating migraines in the past and remember the raw sensitivity to sound and light, for some people it is even to touch. As Somatic practices are done with the eyes closed and through guided investigations- it is additionally relaxing and nurturing as we turn all our senses inside.

I am so excited to share with you all. 

The benefits are for everyone and right now #stress and #anxiety is affecting more people than #covid – so this can be a huge resource to all. Also share with #leavingcert students and anyone who needs some headspace or self-care.

Healing Meditation for the Body, our Community and the World

This Heart Space Meditation spread pure love vibrations through our body, to our loved ones, and across the planet. We are so blessed for this time to truly connect into our heart and the core of our being- our heart essence. Thanks to all who joined- I hope you feel the benefits of our practice for the days to come. Stay true to you, rest and follow your hear these next days <3