Private Session

Adult 1:1 sessions are 70 euro per hour and incorporate reiki, life coaching, yoga somatics and tension/trauma release therapy based on the individual needs of each client.

1:1 sessions with children and young adults are 60 euro an hour. Sessions focus on expression, confidence building, relaxation through reiki and yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to manage emotions and situations they find challenging.


Home Visits and Family Sessions –

70 euro per person, with additional children/adults –

Adult @ 10 euro per hour

Child @ 5 euro per hour

Studio location if needed @ 25 euro


Skype 1:1 Session 50 euro per hour

Adult Workshopsclick here

Adult Retreats – See event for details

Corporate Session

200 euro per hour, this rate includes session planning, travel, set-up and review.

Additional rates per hour-

Studio location @ 45 euro


For Executive & Leadership Retreat Information and Rates- click here

School Programmes – for Teachers & Students

50 euro per session for planning, travel, set-up and student review.

Additionally 5 euro per student/ teacher

Studio location @ 25 euro if hall booking needed

If there are 8 students for example: 50e + 40e (5e x 8)= 90 euro per class

Minimum number is 8 students per session, maximum capacity is 15 people.

Many schools subsidise the classes so parents pay less.

Payment is made by the school or PTA the first week of each term.


Kids Camp info and rates–  click here