Positive Start to 2018: January Practice

Positive Start to 2018: January Practice

Today I choose for me.

I recognise the power and impact of my choices in determining my dreams and my reality.

My state of mind, perspective, feelings and experiences are all of my own making.

The care, love and attention I give to myself improves my ability to do the same for others and for them to do so for me.

Today choose for you! –

Every day in January, decide on a nice thing to do for yourself each and every day!

Help yourself create this positive habit by putting a post-it on your bathroom mirror or a reminder in your phone.

Just as your experience is your responsibility so too is the value, love and attention you provide to yourself. Learning to value yourself and recognise your needs establishes the foundation for personal development, sustainable progress and greater joy in your life.

Looking for love, recognition, acceptance and happiness from others will always leave you wanting and dependent on others for feelings of satisfaction and value.

Tap into the infinite resource within you to love and inspire yourself on this life path!

Go with love and adventure into 2018!


Laura xx

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