There is no better practice than the practice of coming together!

Weekly Online classes uplift our spirits and keep our energy circulating at a time when the global community really needs to stay positive and value self-care and wellbeing!


Weekly Online Classes (direct hyperlinks to class!)

Monday 8am: Morning Fresh Yoga to get your week off to a great start!

An invigorating morning practice to ground you into the start of your week.

Accessible to all- can be done sitting in a chair. No prior yoga experience needed.

What to expect:

Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Practices, Doan Tapping, Qi Gong Movements & Breathwork


Wednesday 8pm: Healing Yoga & Somatic Movement to Soothe Mind & Body

A restorative movement lesson that will awaken the coordination functions of the body, enable deep relaxation, improve posture and balance. No prior experience needed.

What to expect:

A blend of somatic movement practices inspired by Feldenkreis, Hanna Somatics, Contemporary dance principles, Release Technique and Somatic Experiencing. 


Friday 5pm: Meditation & Self-Care Practices to finish the week & reset for the weekend!

Weekly guided meditations to deeply relax and restore balance within our self.

The variety of practices means you build a toolkit of practices to serve and support your wellbeing needs.

What to expect: 

Each week explores different meditative practices that soothe and centre our mind, including: Yoga Nidra (Deep Rest), Somatic Meditation, Mindfulness, Heart-centered meditation, Energy Balancing, and Pure Awareness Meditation.


Practicalities for all classes:

Wear comfortable clothing, use a yoga mat or soft carpet, have a blanket nearby, and choose whether to have your camera on or off for the lesson.

All classes offer clear verbal descriptions and are accessible to people with vision loss. 


Monthly Membership Special:

€69 – enjoy three live classes every week all month.

Depending on how the weeks fall each month, each class works out at only €4- €6 when you sign up for the month. You are welcome to try a class before joining for the month, a single class is €12. 

Members Bonus: If you can’t attend live classes you can enjoy the class replay at your own convenience. 

Class replays will be available to members for the month.

I am building a new aspect of my website so members will soon have private access to a library of recorded classes. To help me create the best content for you – please take a moment to do this survey.


Have a Question:

Contact Laura by email / by phone 087-9633229


How to Pay:

  • Revolut- the easiest way to pay with no banking fees, use my number 0879633229
  • PayPal transfer to Laura.Dowdall (choose the option to “send to a friend” to avoid fees)
  • Bank Transfer details in this link

Please RSVP once you have paid so I know to expect you online


Testimonials from online students:

” Thanks so much for the classes, I’m finding them so beneficial with all the stress and tension at the moment. I feel energized and more connected deeply within myself, both physically and emotionally. It encourages me to open up rather than shut down and survive. It helps manage my symptoms of MS too.” – Anna

” I LOVED the online yoga classes, they were a great resource and gave a good structure to the week. Laura is a very good yoga teacher and I would highly recommend her online classes.” – Lorraine

” Classes have helped me on many occasions. I have a very stressful job and Laura’s video content puts me in a very positive mood and gives me great energy and optimism. ” – Kevin

“Healing, positive energy, positive for mental health- I feel more confident and better about myself. “

“I am really enjoying the classes. Thank you Laura for all the preparation and effort you put into every class.” – Mary
” Thank you so much for these classes. I enjoyed the variety of classes & times of the day.” – Penny
” The monthly class package is great value and I see it as an investment in me.” 


Please save the links below to your calendar to access each class:


Last class in MAY:

Friday Guided Meditation, May 29th-

Meeting ID: 738 3182 8268
Password: 8t2yVp


FOR JUNE 2020:

Mondays 8am: Morning Fresh Yoga

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 721 4952 1394
Password: 370334


Wednesdays 8pm: Somatic Movement for Tension Release

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 734 6920 9064
Password: 6X7Kpn


Friday 5pm: Healing Meditation and Self Care

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 768 4012 2597
Password: 9bzqKz



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