Workshops integrate the benefits of somatic movement, contemporary dance, tension and trauma release, yoga, chi gung and movement for wellbeing practices. Workshops focus on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our wellbeing, stretch our creative capacity, increase our aptitude for problem-solving and communication skill.

Why Movement Matters-

  • We can be as skilled and learnt in our professional capacities as possible but without the awareness of ourselves and our impact on others, we may never experience the potential transformational advances our career and personal lives deserve.
  • While we have 360’ peer reviews and curriculum vitas’ qualifying our personality traits and achievements, these parameters are narrow concepts of who we are. Integrated workshops seek to explore beyond our comfort zone, challenge our self-awareness and the depth of our potential.
  • As children we move in all ways, senses and forms, freely expressing ourselves through voice, song, sound, gesture, rhythm, dance, visual art and play. As adults we grow more restrictive, our movements perhaps limited to sitting, walking, running in a habitual way or playing a sport using the same muscles or reflexes repeatedly. Our minds can follow a similar pattern when familiar mental pathways are repeatedly reinforced.
  • We need to stretch our minds as much as our muscles; this flexibility means exploring new directions, testing new methods and reaching for further learning and development.
  • If we were to integrate the dexterity, authentic expression, awareness and flexibility of the naturally moving child into our adult lives we would accelerate our potential for healing, learning and natural joy enriching the quality of our relationships, enabling superior results and personal fulfilment.


Corporate Programmes 

Movement Workshops

Dance Workshops for School Children

Movement Benefit-


  • Posture, Physical Wellbeing
  • Focus, Efficiency
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Creative thinking, Problem-Solving Aptitude
  • Collaborative Engagement
  • Self Awareness
  • Network Intelligence
  • Leadership and Communication Skill
  • Confidence, Public Speaking Ability
  • Morale, Motivation
  • Team-Working
  • Energy and Stress Management
  • Knowledge of Mindfulness


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