Luminous Leaders are needed now more than ever, as we experience global unpredictability, challenge, and change.

When we shine at our fullest capacity we empower others to come into their light and set a higher precedent for the positive evolution of all people and our planet.

The Luminous Leaders program will guide and empower you to uncover your brilliance, radiate your passion, and fulfil your true potential.

This transformational program recalibrates and enlightens you to your power and potential through a series of masterclasses and one-to-one consultations that are available online for the duration of this course.

In 2020, the Luminous Leaders Program will run from November 2020- February 2021.

This four-month duration enables you to maintain and sustain new habits of vitality, health, and potential. With on-demand access to each Masterclass available to repeat and review as much as you wish throughout the program.

This Transformational program integrates new science and traditional practices to create a unique awakening experience.

Blending the best of – Neuroscience, Mind-Body Medicine, Traditional Yoga, Embodiment Principles, Clinical Somatic Movement- Hanna and Feldenkrais Techniques, Tension & Trauma Release, Authentic Life and Wellness Coaching, Systemic Constellation Work, Mindful Self Compassion, Meditation, Quantum Energy Healing & More.

Each Masterclass will inspire your path with a new learning focus, weekly movement and meditation guided practice, personal task, and reflection:

  • How to be Authentically, Unapologetically All You!
  • Ground Force Reaction, How to Boost your Energy + Conserve your Power 
  • Why Brainstorming is Ineffective- Don’t Leave your Body Behind!
  • Knowledge vs. Wisdom: How to Access your Greatest Resource
  • Clarity – How to Reclaim your Brilliance
  • Inspiration – How to Let Go to Let More In!
  • Resilient Nature- Aligning your Compass
  • Inner Joy vs. Inner Critic: How to be Happier + Healthier Now
  • The Power of Presence- How to Be at Your Best 
  • Radical Revolution – Magnify your Light to Lead + Empower Others

These Masterclasses have been delivered to individuals, teams and organisations across the globe.

Most Recent Client Feedback, September 2020:

“I met Laura 1st week in March at a networking event where she shared her story of resilience and courage and we chatted about bringing movement into the new ways of working evolution putting people 1st.

A few weeks ago she facilitated an energizing session for our international network of coaches from her Luminous Leadership program. Wow wow wow. It released the stresses that had built up over the week and left me feeling relaxed and peaceful. So much so that 60 minutes later I fell asleep for 5 hours!

Laura will support you in relieving stress and energizing your body, mind, and spirit which is so critical to being a selfless leader who guides people and organizations through systemic change.”

Koren Stork – Agile Coach, Team Leader

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Luminous Leaders 2020 Online Program runs from November 2020 to February 2021.

New Masterclasses are available on the Monday of each assigned week –

  • The 1st series of Weekly Masterclasses will run from November 9th – December 14th.
  • With Rest, Renew and Review weeks from December 21st- 28th.
  • The 2nd series of Weekly Masterclasses will begin from January 4th to February 15th.
  • With all program content available for review and integration until February 28th.
  • There will be three live sessions throughout the program- November 9th, December 14th and February 15th.

All members have private log-in access to a Learning Library containing all Masterclass Resources, Weekly Practices, and Reflective Tasks.

Throughout the Luminous Leaders Program, one-to-one consultations will be available to Premium Members.

Luminous Leaders Program Investment

The transformational benefits, awakening, and learning provided in the Luminous Leaders Program will radiate into all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Luminous Leaders: 4 Month Online Program of 10 Masterclasses and 3 Live sessions  – $9,997 USD

Four month payment plans are available on request.

Luminous Leaders Premium Program with three private consultations with Laura – $12,997 USD

There are limited Premium Program places available, these will be secured on a first-come basis.

Bespoke Masterclasses for Organisations, Teams and Individuals – $2,999 USD per Masterclass

Registration for the Luminous Leaders Program closes on November 1st 2020.

Email to confirm your participation on this Program.

Full program schedule and private login details will be sent to all Luminous Leaders in November.