In today’s unstable working environment many wish to change career path, location and lifestyle but often lack the self-belief to embrace their dream and to create these new and exciting opportunities for themselves. Laura works to assist others in identifying their true passions and potential. Clients include artists, entrepreneurs, executives, sports men and women, parents, young professionals and recent graduates.

There is nothing more integral to achieving fulfillment and natural joy than taking care of your most valuable essential resource- YOU!

Within the coaching process, the client is seen as the best expert of their own lives and is encouraged to empower themselves towards achieving their goals and positive life ambitions through a process customised to support their individual needs and intentions.

It is important to understand that coaching does not provide advice, therapy or counselling, although it may address personal projects, business goals or general conditions within a client’s personal or professional life.

People are proactively seeking coaching as a rational means for achieving life balance, wellbeing and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Why people seek coaching?

  • Develop the confidence to leave a job or an unsettling personal circumstance
  • Better manage expectations of others- colleagues, family or personal expectations of self
  • Improve performance, leadership skills, self confidence, wellbeing
  • Develop greater clarity, understanding and awareness of yourself and your impact
  • Become more effective at self management and decision-making
  • Discover greater security, balance and happiness in daily life
  • Become self-employed, relocate, take advantage of a new opportunity, return to education
  • Engage in self discovery, challenge, learning and transformative growth
  • Voice fears, vulnerabilities that may be detracting you from realizing your optimal potential
  • Act on a deep belief that “there has to be more to life!’ – a desire to empower their own life direction

Recent unstable socio-political change has been a predominant catalyst in the evolution of personal development and the evolution of coaching process. Change has become the norm whether it is adapting your job, learning to incorporate new skills, leading a larger team, experiencing a company merger, managing a divorce from your partner, shifting from employee to solo-preneur or becoming a stay-at-home Dad or Mom.

Dynamic change motivates many people to take measures to manage disruptions that have unsettled their routine and daily rhythms. Coaching offers a valuable means to managing that change and enriches you with the confidence of your own potential for new possibilities and opportunities.

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