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LEADING SUCCESS – Leadership Retreat and Wellbeing Programme

Custom Made for CEOs, Directors and Top Management 

For Top management, Directors and CEOs looking to inspire new vision and vibrancy in every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

The Leading Success Wellbeing Programmes are held in Country House Estates in Ireland and in retreat venues abroad where a menu of wellbeing workshops, delicious food and beautiful surroundings will sediment transformative positive change and personal development. Participants are invited to arrive the evening before to settle, unwind and enjoy the spa facilities.

Participants may avail of a private one-to-one session during the weekend that will create a bespoke wellbeing practice aligned to their needs and ambitions.

It is strongly advised that participants come alone so that time outside of the workshop can be spent in reflection, relaxation and in your own personal space.



Communicating Confidence

Enhance Vocal Clarity, Resonance, Confidence, Impact and Energy. Through our voice we connect, whether it is delivering a key-note address, pitching for new business, motivating a team or inspiring a colleague.

This Workshop will focus on Breath-work, Sound & Voice exercises to activate the anchoring power of clear, resounding voice.

Empowering Personal Health 

Recognise the body as the vehicle of health and success. If we don’t maintain our engine how can we expect smooth driving.

Learn effective techniques for immediate wellbeing through: trauma, tension and stress release technique; somatic movement and yoga practices. We will experience 10 minute practices that you can incorporate into your work day that are guaranteed to energise and invigorate you.

Participants may avail of a private one-to-one session throughout the weekend to focus on their personal needs and to establish a customised practice to facilitate their ambition.

Mindful Leadership

Learning to anchor and focus the mind is simple. All it requires is a process and practice that trains resilience and strength to create the space the mind needs to be effective, clear, decisive and confident in it’s opinion.

Through body-mind centering exercises and meditation techniques we will build a resource of tools easily applied to any situation that will optimise your effectiveness and ability to communicate, inspire and generate great thinking and strategic success.

Inspiring Creativity and New Perspective

As adults we need to challenge our perspective and expand the narrowing vision of our routine! Naturally we find a pattern that works and set on it, but often the effectiveness of this pattern becomes out-dated and no longer serves us.

To create new neurological pathways and activate parts of the brain that have become sedentary we will explore creative tasks that challenge the comfort zone and expand our concept of ourself. You may rediscover that 10 year old part of you that will inspire your next business idea or remind you of the fun and passion that you can inject into your life!

This Leadership retreat and Wellbeing Programme is a unique opportunity to invigorate the vision, value and passion within you. Warn your next-of-kin that you may return home an improved model.

To register your personal interest in attending the Leadership Retreat from October 20-22nd, 2017 please email laura@healingyoga.ie


“Time-out with my body was a revolutionary experience! I really enjoyed the energy of the workshops- both relaxing and energising! Huge thanks! ”

  • Andrew

“I feel alive and joyful and have a new sense of warmth. I enjoyed every aspect! I feel a strong sense of Freedom.”

  • Fintan

“Excellent programme. I really enjoyed it and I want to now continue with yoga and the wellbeing techniques I learnt and see how it will assist me in my professional and personal life”

  • James

” This was fabulous! I hadn’t done yoga or any movement or voice work before, but I was able for it and open to all the new learning. It was a challenging and relaxing experience! I leave feeling serene.”

  • Sarah