One to One sessions are exciting, inspiring and uplifting experience blending the tools and techniques that will most benefit you.

People experience benefits in heir personal, professional, artistic life.

Individual sessions-

  • Empower you to care for your own wellbeing,
  • Assist you to relieve stress,
  • Provide tools to ease anxiety,
  • Boost health, energy and vitality
  • Improve positive mental attitude
  • Invigorate personal motivation

Sessions have helped-

  • People feeling disconnected to life, wanting to personally grow and find new inspiration
  • People managing symptoms of fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, migraine, high blood pressure, lower back tension
  • People with low confidence and depression
  • People recovering from accidents and injury
  • Business professionals and parents experiencing burn-out
  • Executives and Working Professionals feeling de-motivated, concerned about their career path
  • Children with anxiety or low self-confidence
  • Young adults experiencing social anxiety, exam stress, personal pressure on self-affecting their mental health
  • Family members suffering from grief and loss of a loved one
  • Patients suffering from anxiety, fatigue, worry and trauma
  • High-pressured Healthcare Professionals

Bespoke to your Needs-

No two people have the same needs. Each private session is customised to match the specific needs and intentions of the individual. This means specific practices are explored that are most beneficial to the client.

One to One Individual sessions may include:

Healing Breathwork, Somatic Movement, Reiki Energy Healing, Therapeutic Yoga, Life Coaching, Creative practices, Constellation work and Mindful Wellbeing techniques to empower each client with the process and tools best suited to their needs.

What is common to all sessions, is that we work with the body in its wholeness, working with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of our Self.

Brief overview of each therapy, click on the link for further details-

Healing Yoga: Breathwork, therapeutic yoga, meditation for stress release, techniques for mental and emotional wellbeing

Somatic Movement: helps resolve inefficient movement patterns and chronic pain that the body has developed through tension, stress, trauma or bad habit

Coaching: to actively support the changes you wish to see in your life

Family Constellation Work: Assists you to move beyond limitations and patterns that restrict your progress and potential. This work is transformational and positively impacts very aspect of your life.

Reiki: Supports a person’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing by bringing harmony to energy centres, chakras, in the body. Reiki heals blockages in the body caused by tension, anxiety and trauma.


I have tried many different treatments and classes, but none have made me feel so welcome and valued. Laura understands each client so well, the improvements I’ve made in my lifestyle since I started yoga/reiki with Laura has been amazing. She is good for your soul.

Brid- Reiki Client

Had a private healing/yoga session with Laura Sarah it was the most amazing healing/yoga session that I have experienced. I felt so empowered and really strong and focused. Thanks again Laura Sarah, I will be back for more. Great value for money.

Isabelle- Reiki & Healing Yoga Client

Further Testimonials available here  

Location for Individual Sessions:

1:1 Clinic Sessions take place at:  71 Glasthule Road, ​Glasthule, Dun Laoghaire.

Home Visits for 1:1, small group and family sessions are available at an extra charge.

Price depends on treatment time and blend of therapies- contact / 087-9633229 for pricing.

Payment method:

Payment for all bookings must be paid in advance of the individual session, workshop or retreat.

Bookings cannot be secured without payment ahead of the client session.

Please pay using either option below:

Option 1- Pay using PayPal with the email please select ‘sending to a friend’ option to avoid additional charges.

Option 2- Please make a bank transfer – Account: Healing Yoga | IBAN: IE76AIBK93357058686082 | BIC: AIBKIE2D

Option 3- By Revolut transfer

Cancellation Policy:

Please note that 24 hours notice is required for any cancellation.

Bookings cancelled within 24 hours will incur a 50% charge of the fee related to the booking.

To Support our Health we need to:

Practice preventative & nourishing techniques that build resilience and confidence in managing life’s stressful and challenging events 

Become aware of emotional and mental patterns and make positive lasting improvements to better support our needs

Take time out to relax and renew our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Burn-out, stress and anxiety are the root of most modern diseases. Technology creates demands and urgencies on us that deplete our natural reserves and reduce “time-off”. Unfortunately for most of us, we realise the importance of wellbeing only when the shock of an accident or medical need reminds us that we have not made our health a priority.

Reality in Facts:

The World Health Organisation describe Mental Health “as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.”

  • Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health difficulty like anxiety each year. (Mental Health Ireland)
  • 10 Mental Health Facts provided by the World health Organisation: click here
  • Over 80% of employees are suffering increased stress levels, according to a 2015 survey, and the stress has a knock-on effect on workplace morale and productivity and company staffing. (Mercer Research)
  • Depression is a very common condition which affects more than 450,000 people in Ireland (one in ten) at any one time. Any of us, irrespective of age, gender or background, can be affected at some point in our life. (Aware)

Suggestions to suit you- click on the links below for specific information:

Talk to Laura today about creating a bespoke programme for your personal wellbeing- email

I have tried many different treatments and classes, but none have made me feel so welcome and valued. Laura understands each client so well, the improvements I’ve made in my lifestyle since I started yoga/reiki with Laura has been amazing. She is good for your soul.


I am in awe of your healing concepts!

So happy to have found your class and am so excited to learn so much from you each week about somatic movement and healing exercises woven into yogic practices for my personal healing path.

I have already gained so much from the classes to help me on my personal journey, thank you!


I believe in life that everything happens for a reason and coming upon Laura in a random internet search for help with back pain was true testament of this hypotheses…from my first phone-call with Laura and her intuitive ear, she had a plan to help that would go beyond the manifesting back trouble that I was having … Over the last few months I’ve practised with Laura in her beautifully spirited gentle yoga classes.  Her classes along with her Reki practise give truly self nurturing techniques and rituals that everyone should have the benefit of both knowing and practising.


Laura is a unique teacher and therapist. She is whole-heartedly devoted to what she does and to all the individuals she is teaching or treating. Her yoga classes helped me to better understand my body, to realize what was going on inside me and notice things that needed more attention. Her classes helped me to relax and lift my energy levels. I also received reiki from Laura; it was such a powerful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. I am thankful that I got introduced to the world of yoga, reiki and meditation by this special person.