Family Constellation work uncovers and releases unconscious ancestral entanglements that affect all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing.
Through being born into a family, we inherit not only our biological genes, but also belief systems and behavioural patterns that we typically are unaware of or that show up in our personal relationships.
Family constellation work enables us to work beyond any story or drama of the past. It brings healing to the present situation that will have a positive impact on all generations, past and present. This work honours all those who came before and recognises the power of re-including any family members who have been excluded which results in profound healing and transformation.
Family constellation work offers a means to heal patterns that may be limiting our potential and enables us to fully embrace life and our personal power. It is important to note that a knowledge of your ancestry is not essential for this work to be deeply effective.
This work takes place as a group and in one-to-one sessions.
In working as a group we focus on one person’s issue and set-up a constellation that will involve other members of the group standing in as ‘representatives’ for this person’s family members. Whether you are watching the constellation unfold or are a representative involved in the constellation- the healing transcends to bring healing to your own individual circumstance. For example, if you represent the Mother, it is more than likely that you affiliate with the experience of this character and that in representing her you are indirectly working on your own family’s healing.
A constellation is a healing energy field that work’s to bring more love and healing into a family. It offers deep transformational change on the level of the Soul which brings healing into all aspects of a person’s life.
A workshop series is typically 2-3 hours long when run as a series of on-going monthly session where a different person may have their constellation done in each workshop.
A day workshop is 10-4pm and may work through five or more people’s constellations but this is hard to measure as every constellation is unique and has its own timing.
A one to one session lasts 50-60 minutes approximatley.
Contact Laura to join a workshop, for a private group workshop with your friends or for a one to one private session.
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