360′ Wellbeing Consultation with Whole-Person Wellbeing Expert Laura Sarah Dowdall

This 360′ perspective of your wellbeing looks at the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (our sense of self and our direction in life) wellbeing.

These sessions offer practical easily applicable techniques to help you work better from home, destress, relieve chronic pain and tension, sleep better, work towards your goals, improve your mood, energy and outlook on life.

Sessions integrate Wellness Coaching, Energy Testing, Somatic Movement and Constellation Therapy to get a clear sense of where you are now and what your aspirations are moving forward. We identify limiting belief structures and blocks which may be affecting aspects of your daily experience.

An initial consultation takes approximately 80 minutes and can be done in-person or online via Zoom Conferencing.

From this initial session a bespoke six-week wellbeing programme will be customised to your wellbeing goals. Each session over the six weeks will provide a customised personal practice to support your specific goals. This may consist of breathwork, meditation, somatic movement practices for chronic pain, stress and tension release and suggestions for supporting a healthy lifestyle.

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The 360′ Wellbeing Programme consists of six weekly sessions that establish healthy habits and personal practice that will accelerate your journey to fulfilling your goals and potential. These weeks should be consecutive to embed healthy habits and new learning.

Contact Laura to book your session, phone: +353 879633229  email: laura@healingyoga.ie

Client Testimonial:


This was pure joy! It is for anyone wanting to feel free!

  • Ann- Senior Mangaer, Banking Sector

I feel strength and gratitude for this rediscovery of myself! It feels like something was re-opened and that some boxes in my mind that had been hurting can gently close. It is time for my heart to lead again and that feels inspiring.

  • Alex-  Pharma

Time-out with my body was a revolutionary experience! I really enjoyed the energy of the sessions- both relaxing and energising! Huge thanks! ”

  • Andrew – IT

Excellent programme. I really enjoyed it and I want to now continue with yoga and the wellbeing techniques I learnt and see how it will assist me in my professional and personal life

  • Brian – Doctor

My body feels free, alive, connected, rested, earthed, creative, wondrous, delightful and delighting!

  • Niamh- NGO / Humanitarian Law

I found the entire experience very fulfilling. I really enjoyed the process after initially being quite inhibited. I feel happy, open, warm, light and invigorated.

  • Ann – Human Resources

I am feeling inspired, connected, spacious, joyful, powerful,, happy, free, safe, grateful, vibrant and whole.

  • Victoria- Broadcast Journalism