Soul Dance Retreat Weekend: Sept 28-30 2018

Weekend Retreat in Wicklow: September 28th- 30th 2018


Embody Shakti energy and awaken further passion, energy and joy for life in this cosmic one-day retreat!

Urban retreats offer time out to recharge and reconnect with your true nature. The day will consist of fluid movement practices including a Somatic Release, Authentic Movement, Dynamic Meditation, Soul Dance, Improvisation, Bodywork, Contact work and a deep revitalising relaxation to finish.

Soul Dance empowers your intentions, inspires creativity and activates positive emotional states of wellbeing.

Take a movement journey to detox the mind, body and spirit.

Open to everyone – no dance experience needed.

It will involve movement on the floor so please bring adequate clothing and warm layers.

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*Places limited- essential to book in advance*

The Vitality Retreat: November 9-11 2018

This retreat is all about YOU!

The 3-day retreat invites you to unwind in the serene settings of Lisvanagh country estate in Carlow (just over an hours drive from Dublin).

We will revitalise the body to its natural capacity for healing, learn from its wisdom, align with our true nature and develop greater self-awareness.

Opening the body we open the mind. 

Through the body, we will experience space, stillness, e-motion, sensation, vibration and bliss.

Full details:

This 3-day programme includes:

• Healing Yoga: Asana, Pranayama (breath-work), Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) & Meditation

• Somatic Movement

• Tension & Trauma Release

• Soul-Dance (no dance experience needed)

• Dynamic Meditation

• Sound & Voice work

• Authentic Connection

• Visioning, Intention & Manifestation practices

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Weekend Events:

You will receive a full timetable of events and scheduled free time on the morning of your arrival but here is a taster of what’s to come!


You will arrive Friday from 4:30 pm to settle into your private room and enjoy the gardens before a light supper at 6 pm.

Our programme will begin from 7:30 pm with Healing Yoga to help us arrive and anchor.


On Saturday we will begin at 8:30 am with Pranayama and Somatic Movement followed by a silent breakfast and a mindful woodland walk.

Returning to the studio we will explore deep tension release and authentic movement before a nourishing lunch.

After lunch you can experience a multitude of delights as you unwind, curling up on the sofa with a good book by a big log fire in the oak-panelled library, or taking a snooze in the blissful quiet of your bedroom, soaking in a luxurious bath with no time pressure, or sipping tea as you take in expansive views of the pleasure grounds.

The afternoon workshop will revitalise the body and open the mind with sensory practices and dynamic meditation followed by a healing relaxation to rest and integrate the day’s learning.

After dinner, there will be guided Yoga Nidra for all who would like to attend.


Sunday awakens the True You with sound and voice exercises to purify and uplift the energetic and physical body before a hearty breakfast.

Our final session will focus on enhancing personal awareness through Authentic Connection exercises followed by Creative Visioning, Intention & Manifestation practices.

We will enjoy afternoon tea together at 1 pm before departing.

Full details:

2018/ 2019 Camp

2018/ 2019 Camp Dates:

AUG 20-24 2018

OCT 29-2 2018

FEB 18-22 2019

A retreat for little feet!

Laura offers a unique kids workshop focused on empowering children with to be confident in themselves, their potential and their dreams!

Activities include: Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Walks, Dance, Relaxation, Theatre Games, Creative Self Expression through word, image & movement, Practical exercises for managing worry & anxiety, Emotional Awareness and Confidence building exercises, Private Outdoor Garden for Games & Picnic.


Phone: 087-9633229


Yoga and Wellbeing Programmes and Workshops at School focus on encouraging self- expression, emotional intelligence, body awareness, positive wellbeing and self-confidence through yoga, meditation, creative movement and dance improvisation.

This class teaches life skills that will benefit a child in and outside of the classroom by improving their concentration, positive mental attitude, social engagement, self-expression, personal confidence and increased self-belief when presented with new experiences or challenges. Positive wellbeing nurtured from a young age provides children with the greatest opportunity for a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Full information for Parents, PTAs and Schools- Click here!