Enjoying the Moment

3Being present to the moment may seem a simple idea but put in practice it can present some challenges.
Have you gone to yoga, a massage or a nice restaurant and spent the first minutes or the whole time distracted by thoughts that delay you from fully enjoying and relaxing into that experience?
The chatter of our minds will prevail unless we consciously ask it to stop or request it come back at a time when we can listen and resolve it’s continuing dialogue. We have a higher level of consciousness above that of our minds, we do not have to succumb to its persistent whims, instead we can choose and decide when and how to engage with it.
Mindful awareness is a skill, like any other, that requires careful practice and persistence.
A good starting point is to notice any emotion, thought or event throughout the day that creates discomfort or stress in the body. Recognizing these moments, practice creating space to clear your mind and come into the present moment so you can capably manage any situation, be focused in the moment and take better care of your wellbeing:

  1. Give yourself space alone to regain self-awareness and balance.
  2. Notice how you are breathing. Focus on prolonging your exhalation; this will improve the quality of your breathing and help calm the central nervous system.
  3. Follow the rhythm of your breath, close your eyes and actively follow the breath as it travels through the body. It will re-energise you and enable clarity.
  4. Once you begin to feel the benefits continue the exercise for the same duration again (If it took 10 minutes for you to reach this comfort, continue for a further 10 minutes). Allow this experience to settle and absorb into the body to create a sustainable affect.
  5. Body scan from toes to head, breathing up the entire body and exhaling releasing with a sigh any tension or negative thinking. Repeat 5 times.
  6. Begin to move the body from toes to head, then concentrate on your shoulders- roll them back and imagine any weight dropping away.
  7. Take your hands to your face (warm your hands first if cold) and feel the comfort of your hands against your skin.
  8. Feel the support you can offer your own body. Breathe into your hands, listen to your exhale as it releases.
  9. Slowly massage the face, head and neck as if you were washing the body with soap. Clearing and refreshing yourself.
  10. Stretch your body and stamp your feet to seal in the balance you have created and ground yourself.
  11. Weldone! Continue your day with this renewed sense of self-awareness and calmness of mind.

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