Online Wellbeing for Corporate Teams

Respond to the immediate needs of employees with online wellbeing programs catering to staff working from home. 

Facts, an average person is said to have:

  • 60,000 thoughts a day
  • 12 lb of Brain Mass
  • 20 minutes mental rest in a standard day

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

Stress occurs when we do no down-regulate and allow the mind-body full recovery.

When stressed the body cannot manage inflammation which means healing cannot occur and disease can sustain to toxic levels in the body causing long term harm.

Self Care is a skill that empowers people to support their physical, mental, and emotional health, longevity, and personal and professional fulfillment.


Online programmes are bespoke to your corporate needs, existing programmes include:

Self Care for Anxiety:
Focused on mental health and self-care, this programme is ideal for people experiencing anxiety, chronic tension, insomnia and stress-related issues.

Work Well from Home:
This practical programme teaches how to support your wellbeing while working from home, with techniques for relieving lethargy, stress, tired eyes, tension and back-ache.

Sustainable Self:
This programme focuses on improving ease, co-ordination and longevity in body and mind. Beneficial to all, no prior experience in any movement discipline is necessary.

Creative Health:
An invigorating programme centred on creative practices that stretch and extend our potential. Ideal for enhancing confidence and communication skill.
Full programme description here.

Ensuring success in all aspects of life, bespoke programmes are also designed to suit all corporate needs, including-

  • Professional Development Training
  • Executive Wellbeing Days
  • Team Retreats
  • Onboarding New Staff
  • Corporate Events
  • Executive Wellbeing Consultations
  • Leadership Roundtables and Offsite Retreats


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Self Care for Anxiety

Focused on mental health and self-care, this programme is ideal for people experiencing anxiety, chronic tension, insomnia and stress related issues. 

Self Care is rarely our top priority. When we negate our personal needs not only does our health and happiness diminish, but our relationships, quality of work and personal life experience the repercussions.

This programme empowers professionals with self-care skills for life.

Including yoga, breath-work, meditation and somatic movement techniques to:

  • Instil Self Compassion 
  • Relieve Tension between Heart and Head
  • Experience Deep Peace in Body and Mind
  • Recover Energy and Vitality
  • Sleep Better
  • Relax and unwind 


  • Eight week online programme with weekly sessions 
  • Bespoke One to One Consultation
  • One Day Workshop 


Work Well from Home

This practical programme teaches how to support your wellbeing while working from home, with techniques for relieving lethargy, stress, tired eyes, tension and backache.

Tired eyes, lethargy and a sore back are common after long days working online. It may take a few hours after work before we feel we can fully unwindand relax. 

This practical programme teaches how to reset the mind, refresh the eyes and restore the body. 

A tonic for relieving stress and enhancing daily wellbeing.

In this programme clients learn practices to: 

  • Relieve Eye, Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • Reset Focus and Concentration 
  • Destress to Feel Good
  • Invigorate Energy
  • Chair Yoga for Back Care
  • Add Ease to the work day
  • Unwind, Transition from Work to Home


  • Eight week online programme 
  • One Day Workshop 
  • One to One Consultation

Sustainable Self

This programme focuses on movement practices to improve co-ordination, ease and communication within the body. No prior experience is needed just a willingness to open your mind to new self-awareness and personal growth.

Life can be heavy with demands on our time and expectations of how it should be spent. 

In this programme we explore movement techniques to refresh the body and mind in a way that is sustainable and impactful to the rest of our life- our mood, our energy, our self awareness and ability to feel joy.

Learn to reconnect to the body through somatic movement practices. 

Healthy and Happy doesn’t have to mean juicing and gym! 

In this programme we explore:

  • Self Awareness versus Distraction
  • Somatic Sensing : How to distinguish our Yes! from our No.
  • Somatic Movement for Chronic Pain, Stress and Tension Relief
  • Neuro Muscular Functioning 
  • Balance and Proprioception
  • Breathe Deep : How doing it right improves Vitality and Health
  • Experience Clarity and Calm through Meditation


  • Eight week online programme with weekly sessions 
  • One and Two Day Workshops
  • One to One Consultation

Creative Health

Somatic movement with Laura of Healing Yoga

An invigorating programme centred on creative practices that stretch our comfort zone, challenge our thinking and extend our potential. Ideal for enhancing confidence and communication skill.

As adults we typically habituate between walking, sitting and running, as our movement narrows so does our thinking. 

This workshop invigorates our creative nature, reignites dynamism, creativity and joy of life. This inspirational programme focuses on three core aspects:

CLARITY combines  mindful movement, meditation, breath work and tension release to:

  • Provide Tools for Positive Mental Health and Stress Management
  • Calm the Mind, Detox the Body, Revive Energy

CREATE incorporates creative exercises and group tasks to:

  • Inspire New Perspective, Stretch Mindsets 
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Provide Stress-Relief 

CONNECT integrates body puzzles and body-mind centering  exercises to:

  • Increase Problem Solving Aptitude
  • Enhance Team-Working
  • Extend Emotional Intelligence


  • Eight week online programme with weekly sessions 
  • Team Offsite Event- One or Two Day Workshop


GrassRoots Wellbeing Programmes are based on three key principles:

– Recognising Habit

– Generating Flexibility

– Extending Potential

Programmes help clients recognise their patterns and provide an opportunity for reprogramming, relieving and restoring innate health and wellbeing.


Corporate Return On Investment includes:

  • Employee Health, Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increased Flexibility and Innovation
  • Enhanced Communication Skill and Team Working
  • Recognition as a Socially Responsible Employer
  • Added Recruitment Appeal
  • Positive Word-of-Mouth in and outside of the work environment
  • Enhanced Morale and Employee Retention


Corporate Social Responsibility:

Every investment made by your company enables us to offer wellbeing services to Schools and Care Centres working with vulnerable adults and children.

The Running Blind Project is one example of how we give back to the community- this accessible dance and wellbeing programme brings the social and physical benefits of dance to people who are blind and deafblind.

The Creative Wellbeing for Schools Programme enables workshops for students, parents, special needs assistants and teaching staff to learn and upskill on techniques for sustainable self-care skills for life. Working with young children enables wellbeing to be a valued part of their lives to come.




Clients have included: Amazon, Bank of Ireland, BDO, Dentons, Matheson Ormsby Prentice, Ripple Marketing, Road Safety Authority of Ireland, SSE Airtricity, Tallaght University Hospital


Time-out with my body was a revolutionary experience! I really enjoyed the energy of the workshops- both relaxing and energising! Huge thanks! ” – Andrew, IT Consultant


“Excellent introduction for beginners- very clear and easy to understand instructions. The teacher went at a very comfortable but challenging pace. Loved the sound and voice work!”

– Margaret, Human Resources Manager


“Laura opened my eyes. The retreat weekend flowed. Laura’s skill including the needs of everyone was amazing and whatever we needed she provided. Everyone needs to do this retreat, it is a coming back to Self. This was a profoundly positive experience.” – Sandra, Physical Therapist 


“Laura provided excellent facilitation, real wisdom and insight… A rich opportunity for exploration, movement, healing, reflection and time for myself.” – Orla, Human Resources Manager


“This was really healing yoga- deep relaxation and stress relief, which has calmed my mind and improved my sleep.” – Olga, Senior Banking Executive


“ An excellent work out for body and mind. Great techniques on how to destress and relax.”  – Simon, Corporate, Finance Director


“Very relaxing and an excellent teacher- this really has helped me to manage my stress level. I highly recommend this teacher and class to all corporate colleagues.” – Claire, Legal Executive


“Great workshops- its helped me forget the daily office stress and return to the office with renewed energy! Very enjoyable.” – Angie, Marketing Manager



The Irish Times Newspaper, 2017

“Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can be just the antidote to the go-go, technology-saturated lives we are immersed in. Dowdall aims to empower people with techniques that they can use in decision-making and in recognising and coping with different emotions.”


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