Choose a Path with Heart

Choose a Path with Heart

Live Whole-Hearted & Enrich your Life

Sunday, July 26th, 10-11:30 am

When we let the heart lead, the mind follows & supports the fulfillment of your heart desire.

The key is knowing where to begin and how to set your compass for your true north.

Without the heart, there is no passion, drive, commitment, perseverance, and energy to sustain the decision or direction of your path- whether it relates to career, life goals, or what to cook for dinner!

Our rational, educated mind has learnt ways to be and perform in the world. It can be a challenge to access instinct, intuition and body wisdom when this has not been honed as a valuable resource and indicator of successful decision making.

What to expect-

In this workshop, you will learn life-enhancing techniques to distinguish the head from the heart in decision-making.  

How can your life be led by the heart? How does your heart resonate a clear direction or decision?

You will better understand how the body communicates its opinions and guidance.

Understand the role of somatic listening in decision making with practical tools you can apply to any situation or decision.

Find reassurance and comfort in your choices knowing that mind and body are aligned.

When the heart leads, the mind follows and supports the fulfilment of your heart choice. The key is knowing where to begin and how to set your compass for your true north.

While the mind is a great resource for problem-solving, creating and actioning. To have true coherence in mind and body we need the heart to assigns the course and direction before the mind manages the process.

Discover how it feels to be led by your heart, distinguish the unique indicators of your body.

Connect to your heart to discover the innate support and clarity it offers in your daily life.

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