Change your Life, Change your Breath

Change your Life, Change your Breath

One of the most transformative shifts in my life came when I realised and understood that I am FULLY responsible for ALL the experiences in my life.

No matter what the cause, blame, problem, success, or dilemma- we are the only factor that we control and our input creates our output.

Only we can determine how we show up.
Our mood, attitude, and energy create our perspective at any given moment. 

The simplest way to change your experience is to change your self.
Does that sound like a big ask

It doesn’t have to be complicated.
In fact, simplicity offers the most profound change.

Every month- I pare it back to basics with transformative workshops that enhance vitality, energy, outlook, and joy for life!

Breathing into Life

Sunday, July 12th, 10-11:30 am

The quality of your breath determines the quality of your life!
When we change our breath we change the biochemistry of the body.

Our breath determines the energy flowing through our body, our vitality, our ability to moves toxins, release tension, and effectively heal and recover.

Yoga philosophy says that we come into life with so many breaths.
Why not learn how to make the most of them!

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I have a Healing Meditation for Tension Release & Deep Rest below for you to enjoy!

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Stay Well!